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Our Mission

Each ring made in f & f Jeweller US is a symbol of commitment, so we distinguish what we do from selling jewelry. Through our fine jewelry pieces, we render the ephemeral enduring. Listening carefully to our customers and serving them with the utmost passion has been our philosophy since we started our business. We strive to make the highest quality affordable jewelry, selling only online and directly to our customers.

Hello From Founder

Hi, I am Sherri. My interest in jewelry goes back to when I was a little girl grandma used to make me a necklace by hand every year for my birthday. I would watch how she did it by her side and keep asking her many questions. Yes, she was a jewelry designer. Sadly, she lost her battle with gastric cancer in my senior year of high school. I still remember that every time I accompanied her to chemo, she could not stop telling me about her former design inspirations. After high school, I gave up music and went to Le Arti Orafe Jewelry School & Academy because I wanted to keep my grandma’s legacy alive. To honor her, I changed my name and founded f & f Jewellery US.

We have been selling our handmade jewelry for over 5 years on Etsy until we started this website. There are no fancy words to describe what we are doing, just making each ring with love and serving our customers with our utmost passion. Until now we have made thousands of couples their dream rings. Like grandma used to always say that a great piece of jewelry is a lifetime of enjoyment and pleasure. You can always trust us if you want to buy a ring for your big moment. Your love stories are our inspiration.